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One result still missing from the 20-21st weekend. Apart from that, points checked and tables correct.

Promotion & Relegation - Premier Division
  • Premier Division Champions will be promoted to GCCL Division 7 provided they apply and meet GCCL facilities criteria. If the champions fail to apply or cannot meet the facilities criteria, Premier Division runners up can go up instead.
  • One, two or even three teams could be relegated from GCCL Division 7 into the CGF Premier Division
  • The winners of Division 1 West and Division 1 East will be promoted to the CGF Premier Division
  • Sufficient teams will be relegated from the Premier Division to allow all the above, to make 10 teams in the Premier Division. It looks like there could be 2 or maybe the bottom 3 teams relegated.
Promotion & Relegation - Division 1 Level
  • As stated above, the top team from Division 1 West and the top team from Division 1 East go up to the Premier Division
  • The top 2 teams from each Division 2 will be promoted
  • Sufficient teams will be relegated from the Division 1 level to leave 20 (or maybe 18) teams at Division 1 level. If the number to be relegated is an even number, then half will be from 1 East, half from 1 West. If it is an odd number, then after selecting the same number at the bottom of each division, the last relegation place will be the team, East or West, with the worse record. Teams coming last in Div 1 will almost certainly be relegated. Teams coming second to last will probably be. Teams third from last could be. Relegations also would be forced to avoid two teams from the same club in the Division 1 level
The committee will then use the East/West border flexibility to make two divisions of 10 (or 9) at the Division 1 level, and similarly to get same-sized Divisions at the Division 2 level.

The question has been asked: "Would we allow two teams from the same club in a Division?" As stated above, not at Division 1 level, but we will at Division 2 level, because the CGF League certainly does not want to force any team out of Saturday League cricket. We may use the East/West split to separate the teams, or just allow the two to compete in the same division.

Click HERE for the handbook "Cover" with constitution type stuff, the committee and committee member roles.

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