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*NEW* features available, update your app to Version 2 now!

* View the final scorecard for a match in your matches list, post-match.
* Download game details in advance to score offline with Play-Cricket data.
* Allow multiple scorers to score the same game, one scorer will assume Play-Cricket syncing rights.
* Receive notifications at the end of an innings, when a target score has been reached, and at the end of a match.

Available NOW: Google Play and App Store
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Here are the Handbook and other documents for the 2017 season. Please read these, and download and print (at least) the playing rules, contacts and team sheets:

  Handbook Part I:  
  Constitution and Divisions,  
  Promotion and Relegation Rules 

  Part II: Disciplinary Rules  

  Part III: Playing Rules  

  Team contacts for 2017  

  Disciplinary Report Form  

  Team sheets  
  to download and print  

Developments in play-cricket mean we will make the following changes:
• We will use play-cricket to collect contact lists and to e-mail you
• Play-cricket will work out bonus points
• Reports on facilities and fair play will be done through play-cricket
Contact lists
You will already have seen the “questionnaires” sent out on play-cricket. In those we asked you to show your club secretary and up to two match day contacts for each team. We will be using your responses to direct our admin e-mails to these people, and we will create a contact list for all teams for you to download from the website (see the table above). You can read a note about this system HERE.
Bonus Points
Play-cricket now calculates all bonus points, so you should leave those fields empty when you fill in a result. Unfortunately play-cricket doesn’t complete the calculation until the scorecards (not just the summary results), are complete, so that’s another incentive to complete those scorecards.
Reports on Facilities and Fair Play
These are now done through play-cricket. Your captain, or someone appointed by him, has to log in to play-cricket at your club website. You then click on your name and you will see an option to complete reports that are due . See the screen shot below:
Screen shot
The away team completes reports on the pitch, facilities etc., both teams complete reports on fair play.

PLEASE NOTE: Repeated failure to send in results, complete scorecards or send in pitch and fair play-reports, on time, will cost your team 10 league points! Read about this in the Handbook Part II - Disciplinary Rules (above)